Our facilities

Phytos Biosciences Sdn Bhd (Phytosbio) has equipped all necessary equipment and facilities to plant tissue culture laboratory for explants multiplication and plantlets grow-out.

Media preparation room:

This facility is for culture media preparation with the equipment for weighing, pH measuring, water filtering, autoclave sterilisation, dry storage, cold storage and washing.

Preparation room 01

Explants transfer room room:

This facility is for explants sterilisation, culturing and media storage. The area is equipped with the laminar air flow hood, storage shelves and apparatus for aseptic culturing.

Transfer room 01

Culture room:

This is the area for explants proliferation and growth. The in vitro explants are stored on the shelves under monitored environment such as temperature, lighting and moisture. After the expansion, our culture room is able to hold up 200,000 explants.

   Culture room 01Culture room 02

Acclimatisation and hardening:

This facility is divided into two parts, in-door acclimatisation room and out-door shed house. The acclimatisation room is equipped with storage shelves and monitored lighting for explants adaptation prior to deflask. The shed house is a plant nursery where it is equipped with sunshade and watering system. All plant seedlings will be hardened here before delivered to the field.


Our farm sites and pilot test plots are located at Lukut and Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Lukut facility 02


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