Dendrobium orchid


Dendrobium tortile is one of the epiphytic orchid. The plant is originated from Assam India, Bangladesh, Andaman Islands, Malaysia, Myanamar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at elevations around 1220 m. It blooms in the winter to summer with one to three 8 cm wide flowers. Flowers are fragrant.

This plant requires cool to warm temperatures and medium amounts of light. Keep plant moist and fertilize during growth season. From fall to winter keep plant dry and withhold water until new shoots appear in spring. Grow in a well drain mix of sphagnum moss or medium fir bark.

Technical Information

Scientific name: Dendrobium tortile
Common name: Twisted Dendrobium
Type: Epiphytic orchid
Difficulty to take care: Easy
Growth rate: Moderate
Light demand: Moderate
Storage temperature: 18-28°C
Remark: The plant can be directly deflasked to pot without hardening once root system is well developed

Ordering Information

Item No.DescriptionList PriceQuantity
LG-DTT-20YG-PDendrobium orchid Little Genie with purple colour nutrient medium RM 7.50
LG-DTT-20YG-CDendrobium orchid Little Genie with transparent nutrient medium RM 7.50
LG-DTT-20YG-RDendrobium orchid Little Genie with red colour nutrient medium RM 7.50
LG-DTT-20YG-BDendrobium orchid Little Genie with blue colour nutrient medium RM 7.50
LG-DTT-20YG-YDendrobium orchid Little Genie with yellow colour nutrient medium RM 7.50
LG-DTT-20YG-GDendrobium orchid Little Genie with green colour nutrient medium RM 7.50


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