Little Genie

Introduction of Little Genie

Little Genie is a new concept of green souvenir presented with Living Plants. The plant inside the bottle is clean and healthy cultured on colourised solid nutrient media. The plant will grow and when it overgrows the size of the bottle, you can deflask your plant into a pot. Once the root system is well developed. Follow the steps in our quick guide to deflask and after-care instructions.

Little Genie is ideal for indoor environments especially in your office and home. It is a care-free plant that needs no additional attention from you since the media is supplemented with the required nutrients and water. Your plant will grow in the bottle under fluorescent light or near a window.

Little Genie is an innovative, stylish and eco-friendly plant which can be used as:

  • Special Eevents gift: Memorable & environmentally friendly
  • Ornamental decoration: An enclosed living terrarium for your office, home, restaurant or shop
  • Educational demonstration: Each plant comes with varietal information and applications useful for students from primary to tertiary education. Plants can be bought at dfferent life cycle stages to show the progression from the bottle to outdoors

How to take care of your Little Genie:

  • Treat your Little Genie gently
  • Keep it indoors at room temperature (<25℃)
  • Avoid dusty environments
  • Regular exposure to fluorescent light
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Do not open the cap until you want to plant it


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